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Happy Thanksgiving…

I don’t want to bum you out on Thanksgiving, but I would like to point out that Nationalism leads to violence. So today as you give thanks, give thanks for God and His kingdom that is coming like a mustard seed… like a little leaven that is slowly leavening the whole lump. The kingdom of God is coming and it is present here today (at hand as Jesus taught)… and growing as we speak. That’s something to give thanks for.

“So you did eat together sometimes, but not at the legendary Thanksgiving meal.

No. We were there for days. And this is another thing: We give thanks more than once a year in formal ceremony for different season, for the green corn thanksgiving, for the arrival of certain fish species, whales, the first snow, our new year in May—there are so many ceremonies and I think most cultures have similar traditions. It’s not a foreign concept and I think human beings who recognize greater spirit then they would have to say thank you in some formal way.”


Am I talking out of two sides of my mouth? I don’t think so…

…. but I have thought this through even before getting a private question tonight. I believe the context lends itself toward the interpretation of both passages.

Where is the kingdom of God?

This is NOT a political statement about the United States of America’s national borders. This is a question about the borders to the Kingdom of God….

Where is the Kingdom of God?
Who is the Kingdom of God?
Is the Kingdom of God here, now?
What should the border patrol be like?

The Letter Kills

The Prince of Peace is not a god of war…

This type of thinking seems so logical, mature, and human. Fair. That’s not fair.

In the following video Voddie Baucham speaks this telling line, “We know this inherently…That’s why one of the first things we learn to say is, ‘That’s not fair.’ Because we believe that things need to be set right. It’s not nice for things to go unsettled. For crime to go unpunished and for sin to go un-dealt with. Is God nice, certainly He is. But He’s a lot more than that.”


There are multiple things wrong with this thinking…

– #1) Speaking of inherently knowing something while promoting a theology like that of WRETCHED.TV isn’t just ironic, it’s completely antithetical. See WRETCHED.TV the name itself explains their theology. WRETCHED and Todd Friel teach that man is born evil and that we can’t even choose good unless God arrests our minds and reveals Himself to us. So it is antithetical to teach that we “know something inherently” and then to teach that we know nothing good. Which is it WRETCHED? We know inherently or we are desperately evil and know nothing good?

– #2) Setting things right doesn’t mean more evil or more violence, it means setting things right. God doesn’t punish He trains, God isn’t punitive, He’s restorative, God doesn’t damn, He redeems.

– #3) Sin going unpunished is exactly what Christianity is all about. Penal Substitutionary Atonement may teach that God punishes His Son for the sins of His children, but this isn’t what the early Christians believed and it isn’t what the bible truly teaches. God didn’t punish His Son for our sins. Men crucified Jesus, and Jesus showed us what Christianity is all about… and what Christianity is all about is PEACE. PEACE even when you are wronged, horribly wronged even to the point of diecide is the message of the cross.

– #4) God is more than nice, God is love. Showing love goes so far beyond being nice.