Excited about the NBA.. and tonight 4 Tar Heels play in one game

Four TAR HEELS…. one game! Go North Carolina Tar Heels

Coach Dean Smith… I’m a fan!

I’m an insane fan of college basketball.  Well I’m actually a fan of basketball in general, but I’m specifically a fan of anything North Carolina Basketball.  I love Roy Williams and I love to coach myself.  A friend of mine and I always brag to each other about getting to the end of close games and having all of our time outs left.  Win or lose, we to teach, allow the players to learn to make mistakes and correct without a screaming infused time-out, and save the time-outs in case they are needed for a miracle come back aka – A DEAN SMITH!

I couldn’t find a picture of Dean calling a time out, maybe he and Roy just don’t know the sign! LOL

As I sit at lunch today, I’m reading an article and I couldn’t even finish the article without sharing a quote.  Here it is… I almost teared up, but this Bagel shop is full of people so I fought back the tears!

“I remember gathering together as a team in the locker room when it was over that night and Coach Smith talked to us for a few minutes. He said he was proud of this team and what we accomplished, but he also said to keep it in perspective; that there were a billion people in China right then that didn’t have a clue what just happened,” Hart said. “He said, ‘Be proud that you had a goal in mind and you just accomplished it,’ but that at the end of the day, ‘It’s just a game.’ And it was his first national championship.”

The wherewithal, clarity, and profound communication skill it takes for a man to speak so eloquently in the midst of such a powerful moment!  I hope I can be that level headed and humble when I win my first NCAA National Championship.  Ok, I know I’m too old to play or start a coaching career now but let’s pretend anyway!  🙂

Here’s a link to the entire article.  It was really about Michael Jordan’s college roommate.  http://www.blueridgenow.com/article/20120723/ARTICLES/120729927?p=1&tc=pg

PART TWO:  I had to add another quote to this blog entry, in case you don’t read the great article!  Again, I’m a real fan of Coach Smith!

“The night we won the national championship, the NCAA awarded watches to the winners. They had 22 watches they awarded in the ceremony after the game but when you counted players, coaches, one trainer and four managers, there were 23 of us and as the youngest manager I was the odd man out. I truthfully did not think a thing about that, because I was a kid who grew up in North Carolina and loved Carolina basketball. I would’ve paid for the privilege to do what I was doing,” Hart said.

“On the bus back to Chapel Hill from the airport the next day, Coach Guthridge told me that Coach Smith wanted to meet with me in his office, so could I come by at a certain time. I figured he was doing that for everybody to kind of wrap up the season, so I went not expecting anything. I walked in and he said, ‘You were as much a part of the team as anyone else,’ and he handed me the box with his watch.

“It was his first national championship and here was a 5-9 kid who didn’t score a point or contribute to the team winning other than being the best manager I could be, and yet he cared enough about me to get the same thing that Michael Jordan and James Worthy got. What a wonderful man. It just blew me away, and all it did was reinforce everything I’ve ever seen in the man and quite frankly, everything I ever saw in the next three years being around him.”