Where is the kingdom of God?

This is NOT a political statement about the United States of America’s national borders. This is a question about the borders to the Kingdom of God….

Where is the Kingdom of God?
Who is the Kingdom of God?
Is the Kingdom of God here, now?
What should the border patrol be like?

A forth verse from John’s Revelation

If you are unfamiliar with Revelation 22:10 you may not appropriately appreciate this pic and commentary. Remember these pics aren’t meant to say anything of much substance as stand alone pics… however when you read these as a group and in context you may start to get a hint to what’s going on.

A third verse from Revelation

isn’t physically violent, threatening, nor is a sword!

Remember this pic is part of a series of Revelation verses and it isn’t meant to reveal or mean much alone. Context is important so… read the book, read these passages in connection with others…. etc.

Another verse from Revelation…

Keep in mind that one or two verses in the book of Revelation saying that John was writing to his generation or to a “soon” generation doesn’t mean anything alone…. but instead we should look carefully at the entire book / context.

Also… I’m not espousing a view of Revelation – I wouldn’t call myself a preterist, however I would argue that the preterist view is more fair and honest with the text whereas the dispensational view takes many leaps and stretches the text out of reason.

Just my thoughts…

A few posts from Revelation