To Him who alone does great wonders, For His loving-kindness is everlasting;

I’ve decided to read through and think about Psalms 136 for a short season, maybe a month. I think this is my favorite Psalm.

Psalms 136:4 says “To Him who alone does great wonders, For His loving-kindness is everlasting;”!

Now keep in mind that Psalms 136 tells us 26 times that God’s mercy (His loving-kindness) last forever.

Here’s the cool thing that I read today when I looked at the original words in this text. God does great wonders alone the text says, but guess what the transliteration of the Hebrew word alone is when transliterated to English – BAD.

I know this isn’t a direct intentional thing here. I’m not making some sound theological argument, but I’m seeing something that for me is evidence (a sign, a hint from God) that what I’m hearing and learning from God is accurate. Here’s what I’m learning or thinking through right now… Relationship is is bigger and more important than I’ve ever known or will ever understand. In fact it is almost as if I’m nothing and those I relate to are nothing until we relate. I mean we really are our relationships. The substance of relationships is more and bigger and more significant than we are as individuals. The world is powered by relationship, relationship is the fuel of life. Relationship is everything.

Relationship is the one thing that can change us forever. The relationship that exists between God, I, and others really is all there is to Josh McDowell.

If you want to do something or be something in the world – love someone!

O give thanks to the Lord of lords: for his mercy endureth for ever.

I’ve decided to read through and think about Psalms 136 for a short season, maybe a month. I think this is my favorite Psalm.

Today, I’ll just look at Psalms 136:3.

This is my third day writing about Psalms 136, and this is my third day telling you that the first word of this verse is Yadah! Once again, Yadah means to throw, shoot, announce, confess or launch praise! Read my last two posts about Psalms 136 if you haven’t already. Psalms 136:1 & Psalms 136:2

The following two words in Psalms 136 are the only two additional words before the phrase that ends ever verse of Psalms 136, “his mercy endureth for ever.”

The two words this time are once again, like in verse two the same word repeated. Can you think of any times that we repeat a word twice in the English language? Sometimes in my writing I find myself saying “that that.” For example I might say, “I know that that is not easy to understand.” But the more commonly used words that are repeated are words like no, very, and great. For example I might scream at my toddler when he is approaching oncoming traffic, “No, no!” Another example might be when I tell my daughter that I like her art, I might say, “Faith that is very, very good. I love it!” On more example could be when we are talking about our grandparent’s grandparent. In that case we would say, “Mom, do you remember anything about my great, great, grandmother?”

In Psalms 136:3, the original Greek repeats the word ‘adown! The word alone means Lord, and could mean a human Lord but when it is repeated it means Lord of Lords.

Psalms 136:3 basically declares that we should shout praise to Jesus Christ the Lord of all Lords, and then it adds once more that God’s mercy is forever!

O give thanks unto the God of gods: for his mercy endureth for ever.

I’ve decided to read through and think about Psalms 136 for a short season, maybe a month. I think this is my favorite Psalm.

Today, I’ll just look at Psalms 136:2.

Verse 2 of Psalms 136 begins with the same word as verse 1, Yadah. This word basically means launch or confess some praise.

The next two words of Psalms 136:2 are the same word repeated. ‘elohiym ‘elohiym

‘elohiym is the plural of ‘elowahh. ‘elowahh means God or false God.

When we read ‘elohiym ‘elohiym the translators believe that the Psalmist is saying God of gods. This is setting Jehovah God apart from all of the other false gods and men claiming to be God. This Psalmist wasn’t unclear about who he was saying was merciful for eternity. This Psalmist was intent on claiming that Jehovah God’s mercy would last forever.

If the Psalmist mentioned that God was good once and that He was the God of gods once, and he also only mentioned once that God’s mercy was ever lasting, then a person may try and argue that God’s mercy runs out for a person at some time in their future. But we don’t have a Psalmist here that says once or even twice that God’s mercy is everlasting… Instead we are reading a Psalmist that says 26 times that God’s mercy endureth forever!

If you are wondering if it is too late for you to turn to Christ, I will say this… Psalms 136 says 26 times that it is never too late!

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.

I’ve decided to read through and think about Psalms 136 for a short season, maybe a month. I think this is my favorite Psalm.

Today, I think I’ll just look at Psalms 136:1.

O give thanks unto the Lord in the original Hebrew is transliterated as eudu l·ieue ki – tub.

Essentially we’re looking at three words, Yadah Y@hovah Towb.

Yadah means to throw, shoot, announce, confess or launch praise.

Y@hovah essentially is the name for the One true Jehovah God, the Existing One – the I AM, the eternal existent One.

Towb means good, right, pleasant.

So essentially the first phrase of Psalms 136:1 says in Josh’s translation:

Launch some praise into the air for Existence, the Existence of God which makes the existence of everything else possible because God is and has made everything good.

If you are alive, that’s good and you are alive because God is good. If you are happy, that is good and your happiness wouldn’t be possible if God wasn’t good or if He didn’t exist.

If you are sad, I wonder if you are unaware of the existence of the One true Good God.

If you are depressed, I wonder if you are missing the Existent One or missing the fact that the Existent One is Good.

If you are having a bad time, could it be that you are unaware of the goodness of God?

Have you ever wondered if you’ve made too many mistakes to ever get your life back?

Have you ever been so down that you weren’t sure whether or not you wanted to continue to live?

If you have, I’d like to tell you some news that may be shocking to you… the good news is that God exists, He is good, and His mercy will absolutely never, ever fail or end. Nothing you have ever done or ever will do will change God’s love for you. His mercy for you will never run out. You can stop rejecting Him because you feel like He is forcing you down a timeline you don’t want to travel on. You have the time you need to turn to Him. There isn’t an hourglass losing sand to scare you into a certain level of faith. God’s mercy does not end in 33 minutes, 24 hours, or 72 years. His love never fails. His mercy endureth forever.

Now that you know you are free and relaxed, I encourage you to begin thinking about, talking to, and seeking God’s direction immediately because there is no reason to waste time today without His supernatural guidance. His supernatural guidance is free.

I had a toilet and septic problem a week or so ago at a rental house. I kept trying everything I knew to do. I replaced a toilet – $110 but the problem persisted. I bought an augur, it didn’t work. I bought a bottle of acid to eat away the clog – it didn’t work, $7. Then I decided that I needed a longer snake so I spent $22 on a 20 foot snake. That didn’t work either. I kept hesitating to call a plumber or a septic expert because that would’ve cost me money. Eventually I did contact a master septic tank specialist. A man with 60+ years of septic experience. I hesitated to call him because I wanted to save money, but eventually I needed his help.

Jesus is a master life builder. Jesus’ assistance and guidance is FREE. Wouldn’t it be silly if you awaited to call on Him on your death bed or even after death? I believe you can wait until your deathbed to call on Jesus – I believe He’ll still have mercy then. Heck I even believe you can wait until after your physical death to call on Jesus – I actually believe His mercy endures forever, so the pressure is off. With this one and only true God Jehovah, Jesus Christ, the Great I AM there is no rush, no need to feel pressured. I’m not pressuring you, but I am asking you now – why wait? Seek His guidance now, once you turn to Jesus (no matter when you do) you’ll ask, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

Turn to Him now, not because His mercy is running out – that won’t happen but instead because your life is passing by and you might as well have His perfect leadership on your journey.