The Prince of Peace is not a god of war…

This type of thinking seems so logical, mature, and human. Fair. That’s not fair.

In the following video Voddie Baucham speaks this telling line, “We know this inherently…That’s why one of the first things we learn to say is, ‘That’s not fair.’ Because we believe that things need to be set right. It’s not nice for things to go unsettled. For crime to go unpunished and for sin to go un-dealt with. Is God nice, certainly He is. But He’s a lot more than that.”


There are multiple things wrong with this thinking…

– #1) Speaking of inherently knowing something while promoting a theology like that of WRETCHED.TV isn’t just ironic, it’s completely antithetical. See WRETCHED.TV the name itself explains their theology. WRETCHED and Todd Friel teach that man is born evil and that we can’t even choose good unless God arrests our minds and reveals Himself to us. So it is antithetical to teach that we “know something inherently” and then to teach that we know nothing good. Which is it WRETCHED? We know inherently or we are desperately evil and know nothing good?

– #2) Setting things right doesn’t mean more evil or more violence, it means setting things right. God doesn’t punish He trains, God isn’t punitive, He’s restorative, God doesn’t damn, He redeems.

– #3) Sin going unpunished is exactly what Christianity is all about. Penal Substitutionary Atonement may teach that God punishes His Son for the sins of His children, but this isn’t what the early Christians believed and it isn’t what the bible truly teaches. God didn’t punish His Son for our sins. Men crucified Jesus, and Jesus showed us what Christianity is all about… and what Christianity is all about is PEACE. PEACE even when you are wronged, horribly wronged even to the point of diecide is the message of the cross.

– #4) God is more than nice, God is love. Showing love goes so far beyond being nice.

Why I’m moving more and more everyday toward pacifism.

In the entire history of Jesus we never have stories of Jesus using or promoting violence. The only time someone could even argue that perhaps Jesus used violence was when He told the disciples to get a sword and at the cleansing of the temple… however in each of those stories context quickly corrects any wrong thinking. In context Jesus tells Peter that the sword wasn’t meant for violence, and following the cleansing of the temple the children are all playing with Jesus. Clearly Jesus wasn’t a crazy scary mad man, but rather a controlled firm voice against the injustice of the day.

Jesus came to reveal God as the Prince of Peace…. if you are waiting for a time for God to come again and kill your enemies you are still misunderstanding the heart of God.

I’m a pacifist gun owner; should you (as a follower of Jesus Christ) be one too?

I know I’ve got plenty of other things I should be working on right now, but I can’t help but sit here and think about the possibility of another Holocaust-like event. I would not consider myself a conspiracy theorist, but the first two thoughts that crossed my mind on the day Chantae’ called to tell me about Sandy Hook were “If our government did this, we must stop them.” and number two, “it probably was a kid on SSRI’s, instead of a government conspiracy.” I’m not buying into the video about the Sandy Hook fraud, but I am concerned that something was covered up.

Here’s what I want you to consider… Hitler didn’t really have to implement gun control, it was already in effect. The earlier Weimar government had already passed gun registration laws. This may have in fact paved the way for Hitler. So, if you are like me and you don’t know if our current federal government is corrupt or not, you ought to at least consider the possibility that a future government might come along later and be corrupt. If that were to happen, and the only people with guns were the military under the control and payroll of the government… watch out. If you are a life loving person and who don’t want to see more people killed then you need to own a gun. Not because you plan to use it, but because you believe the very presence of guns may do enough to halt a crazy madman tyrant.

Why bring up Hitler? Well I don’t want to be hiding in an attic in 20 years wondering what would’ve been different if we would have owned and held onto our guns.

If you claim to be a pacifist and claim that you’ll never shoot anyone, good for you, but I don’t personally believe that you really know what you’ll do until you are actually facing that situation. That is true for me too. What I can say is what I hope I’ll do. At this point in my life, I want to do what I consider to be the most like Jesus I can possibly attempt to be. Here’s my plan… (by plan I mean what I hope to do – don’t test me I might react and shoot you even though my heart is to die for my enemies)

I’ll carry a concealed handgun, (just like Jesus told the disciples in Luke 22:36-38 about swords) and then I’ll refuse to use it to actually hurt anyone. This seems to be following Jesus. It seems to me that He says take a sword but don’t plan on using it. Take it to show that you aren’t just going to be pushed over, but then when it comes time to fight – instead of pushing back freely sacrifice your life for the love of others.

I really think this is the plan of God for me. I want America to be equipped with weapons much like Switzerland (Switzerland Gun Laws), but as a personal follower of Jesus I want to be able to show strength but sacrifice that strength to reveal the “enemy love” that dwells inside of me in the person and Spirit of Jesus Christ.

I’d love to hear your thoughts… email me at or comment on Facebook. If you would like to talk, feel free to call.

Old, but MUST SEE clip about US support to Israel

Keep in mind as you view this clip that NO GOVERNMENT (especially the US government) manufacturers and sells anything for profit. Our government doesn’t produce, grow, or do any service for which it should generate a profit. With that in mind, every dollar – LISTEN CLOSELY EVERY DOLLAR – the US gives away… it must either steal, borrow, or print in order to give that dollar away. Understand today, before you and I are forced to understand in the future that the Federal Reserve Bank (the FRB prints money) is printing money causing our money to have less value. Secondly, understand that ever tax the IRS (the IRS steals money) steals is another shot at destroying the free market system. Finally, dollars BORROWED have to be repaid with interest but more importantly dollars that are borrowed for any reason except investment (higher rate of return than dollar spent) is throwing money away and asking others to help because you can’t throw it away fast enough.

But worse than everything I’ve just mentioned is the FACT that the support level we’ve been giving Israel IS NOT HELPFUL TO ISRAEL. Paying the car payment and rent for a capable 30 year old son or daughter isn’t help and support, it is enablement and verging on child abuse. Israel is hurt by the US help, not helped.

Now, I know that the video clip you’ve just watched is old. I don’t have more up to date numbers, but there are more recent documentaries about the relationship between Israel and the US. If you are a Christian who is up in arms about the US and the possible change in relationship to Israel and you haven’t at least put in 5 hours to study this situation in MODERN TIMES – then you are being quite foolish. I know what the Old Testament says about supporting Israel, but you really need to read the entire bible and make a wise decision on this subject. I’ve been told that I’m making this too complicated by a couple of people lately. The idea that I am making this too complicated is silly, ignorant, and lazy. Understanding what is going on in our world sometimes takes studying the hard boring stuff. I’m telling you, read just a little bit, watch a documentary now and then. Ask God to help you really understand what’s going on. I’m praying now about how to get myself to Israel as soon as possible to see what is going on there. I just printed out my application to spend March 5 – 18th, 2013 there in Israel with a Christian Peacekeeping Team… I’m not sure yet if that process will work out, if I could raise the funds, or even if I’d be accepted as a potential team member. Either way, I’ve printed my application and I’m going to start praying that direction today.

I just edited this to add… this is not support for Obama as President. I think he is a decent guy and I think his foreign policy has been better than his opponent’s might be, but I’m still voting against both Romney and Obama for President. I prefer a candidate who help make a real change happen, like ending the Federal Reserve Bank, turning back the IRS, stopping the wasteful and dangerous war on drugs, and bringing home troops from 150+ countries.

My Favorite Podcast – Beyond the Box

I listen to a lot of podcasts, I love Darin Hufford and The Free Believer Podcast (still praying for his full recovery, by the way), I enjoy The God Journey Podcast with Wayne Jacobsen, I like Let’s Talk it’s Relationship with great guys like Bob, David, and Loren, and I even like Steve Brown etc (I know he’s a Calvinist, but he’s my favorite Calvinist), and of course I love doing the aplacetotalk podcast with Simon, Derek, Ben, Jeremiah, and others…

But my favorite podcast by far is Beyond the Box. These guys are always talking about stuff that is educational to me. They are thinking about things that I’ve either never heard of or things that I’ve wanted more information on in the past. These guys are interesting, entertaining and really important I believe to the body of Christ.

Anyway, I just got a Facebook message from another friend and caused me to realize that Ray has put up a podcast that he and I recorded here at aplacetotalk a few months back. If you listen to the aplacetotalk podcasts, you may have heard this one already but I’m posting this just as an opportunity to introduce you to Ray, Steve and Beyond the Box.

Here’s a link!

Not in my name, PLEASE not in my name…

I was watching Street Kings 2008 yesterday and I had to stop and record this clip! What a great statement. Detective Tom Ludlow (played by Keanu Reeves) is talking to recently widowed Linda Washington about finding and killing her dead husband’s killers. Linda (played by Naomie Harris) says “Not in my name, Please not in my name, blood doesn’t wash away blood.”

Here’s the clip:

I pray that someday, we as believers will take Jesus seriously and we’ll give forgiveness a try. It is such a hard thing to believe. First will be last, is easy in the cafeteria line, it gets harder in traffic, harder in advancement at work, and it gets darn near impossible in life and death situations.

I’m not arguing that the US of America should stop all war activity. I’m not arguing that any pagan country should refrain from protecting themselves. I’m simply asking if Christians should bow allegiance to the Kingdom of God first. What if Christians just stopped fighting? What if Christians (only Christians) stopped encouraging war? What would happen? Would we become light again?

I think God is saying the same thing as Linda Washington was in Street Kings, “Not in My name, PLEASE not in My name. Blood doesn’t wash away blood… unless of course it is the sacrificial blood of Saints.”