Things are getting better…

I’m not going to boycott A & E TV, they are simply doing what they believe is in the best interest of their bottom-line.
A & E TV exists to make money and they clearly believe that suspending Phil Robertson is the best way to continue to make a buck.


I personally think Phil somewhat misunderstands the scriptures, here’s a link that may help a person like Phil. Some friends and I will be discussing this article on tomorrow’s podcast found here.

My freshman son Adam plays basketball for East Burke High School, he is on the JV team and he told me yesterday about a girl on the Varsity team who made a very exciting basket this week, it is a story of love, grace, and compassion. I can’t help but see these stories happening all over the country and think – The World Really Is Getting Better.

I grew up believing (and basically having my belief system reinforced by evangelicals all around me) that the world was getting worse and worse and eventually it would get so bad that God would have to rescue all the Christians out of the world so that the final demise of planet earth could come without putting Christians through the worst part. I believe this form of dispensational theology is totally FALSE. While it is false, it sells and it is very popular. In fact, they are making a new Left Behind movie and this time with Nicholas Cage.

Some may ask, “Josh, if the world is getting better why can’t Phil Robertson even express himself without getting suspended?” This is a complicated thing, and it is a complicated world we live in. #1 Phil is a public professional and he needs to be careful what he says and how he says it if he wants to remain a public media spokesperson. #2 He needs to remember that A & E TV’s agenda is making money. #3 It is time for all Christians to really think through the way they discuss homosexuality. #4 Phil’s words about slavery were just as poorly spoken if not worse. – I admit I may have heard them out of context and I hope I did, but what he saw and heard around him was not representative of the world at large and he needs to be aware of that.

While we are on this subject, as Christians we need to get back to loving people or the world is going to get better and leave specifically some who claim Christianity the most behind….

Remember it was our ancestors who really came into this land immorally. Our ancestors are responsible for genocide against native Americans and the worst part is, they (we) often used scriptures to justify the horrible genocides and essentially we blamed it on God.

“To see them frying in the fire, and the streams of their blood quenching the same, and the stench was horrible; but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice and they GAVE PRAISE THEREOF TO GOD.” – William Bradford-Governor

I could go on and on making connections and pointing out my frustrations and connections. I should stop… but maybe I should get a bit more off my mind… let me do that.

I didn’t vote for Obama, I thought he was too much like Romney and therefore I didn’t vote for either of them. I’m learning that I’m pretty close to libertarian, but I got sick of hearing over and over that a vote for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson was essentially a vote for Obama. Well I finally admitted that I have to believe that Obama, while not my first choice was in my mind a better option than Romney. I feared that we would be in a bigger and more wars quicker with Romney than Obama. I’m not, absolutely not happy with the US use of drones and I wish we would bring the troops home, but I am sick of hearing all of the anger and hatred being spewed out about the healthcare or Obama care.

I don’t know what is right with and what is wrong regarding our current health care direction, but I do know this – Americans are rich. We are so rich that we have lots of trouble prioritizing our use of money. This creates false poverty. Most of the people that ask me and aplacetotalk for financial help drive a nice car, call me on a cell phone, and won’t accept the free food we offer because it isn’t tasty enough. This isn’t poverty, but rather false “greed driven” and “created” poverty. I pray God will help me see money as a tool and never allow me to become more controlled and driven by money than I already am.

Can we really say the world is getting better when so many people are frowning?

Yes, I think we can. I think we can because Jesus has come and He has set the example of self sacrifice. I think stories like Gloria’s story are evidence that the world is getting better. I know, there are still wars going on and I hate the fact that America has troops on so many foreign soils, but there are also good things happening around the world. Thousands of people are coming to Christ around the world every hour, in fact in this sermon Paul White mentions 3000 people coming to Christ every 25 minutes.

Here are two links to sermons that I think are great – SPOT ON… they say better what I am trying to say than I do.