Especially if you view the bible in a “Triple i”… but everyone has to deal with 1 Samuel 8:8

1 Samuel 8:8 isn’t in the scripture by accident… especially if you are a “Triple i” inspired, inerrant, infallible person…. then you have to deal with 1 Sam 8:8. This passage clearly tells us that God was telling Samuel that sometimes the Children of Israel were following false gods…. I believe they were following false ideas ie. gods every time the chose to kill or use violence of any kind to accomplish their personal will.

The Bible Tells Me So 1.2 The Bible isn’t the Problem

Please understand that my Revelation pics are single verses and single verses don’t stand alone well… I’m fully aware of that. This series of posts will only make a point once they are all up and posted. I think when all is said and done there will be 11 posts give or take.

Ezra 10:3 – I don’t believe this was God’s will – PERIOD

My pic today really isn’t that much about Anne Jackson’s book. I’ve enjoyed the book, but as she mentioned Ezra 9… I remembered Ezra 10:3. I don’t buy it. PERIOD. I don’t think they heard from God at this time. God doesn’t change, but if every time the bible reports that people did this or that for God… it was right… then God must change. Because divorcing your wife in Ezra 10:3 doesn’t match the character of God as He’s perfectly revealed in Jesus. I simply don’t believe that God changes, and I certainly don’t believe that there is a time when God would encourage men to leave their wives and forsake their children. I’d love to hear how people justify this… Who will own it?

Here’s the bottom line… in Ezra’s day these men thought that they were doing what God wanted – but I’d argue that they were grossly wrong! Jesus came to reveal that people had been wrong about God. Jesus came to show us what God is really like.

If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus. God is like Jesus, He’s always been like Jesus, there was never a time that God was not like Jesus. We haven’t always know this, but now we do.