Hi my name is Josh.  I am a passionate follower of Jesus Christ who loves to talk to people about His grace.  I am also a passionate lover of Chantae’ McDowell my wife for over 16 years!  Chantae’ and I have four children and we think they are wonderful.  We have three boys Noah, Adam, and Elijah.  Our fourth and youngest child is Faith.  Our motto is now four and no more.  Believe it or not… Chantae’ and I both wanted boys first.  This way, when Faith is 22 or so and ready for her first date Noah, Adam, Elijah and I can answer the door with one double barrel shot gun each.  That young man will have 8 barrels pointed his way before his date with Faith!

Well anyway… this blog is simply a place for me to share my journey as a “talking church” minister.  Thanks for visiting and I would love your comments.