“Unsaved Neighbors” – Puke!

I had an “Evangelical Christian Republican” (my label, not his and this may be an unfair label and in fact, I hate labels so I am sorry for using one) arguing with me this morning on Facebook. He was explaining to me how Socialism is a failed system and we can’t level the playing field for those who were born without privilege. I’m not a socialist by the way, but I do believe that if we’re going to tax our society we should use those tax dollars to help EVERYONE not just the large corporation and in fact not at all the large corporation but rather the individuals in need. I also would argue that we as a society should do whatever we can within our power to make sure that both health care and education are human rights. There should be some limits… but we’ve got to have the conversation and not just shoot it down because we believe it is “communism” or “socialism.”

Everyone is born into different economic situations, and more importantly, everyone is born into different families and some of those families aren’t as caring, supportive, and as encouraging as others but everyone should have the same opportunity.

The following statement really aggravated me…

“The Kingdom of God is made up of believers that have a super-natural ability to love their neighbors as themselves. With this Spirit inspired ability comes the Wisdom of God. Thus the Kingdom of God is ruled by Christ through the power of the Holy Ghost. The early church in Jerusalem demonstrated this love in very practical ways. To expect our unsaved Neighbors to live this way without the power of God within them is extremely naive.”

I don’t have any unsaved Neighbors bud! I have neighbors. PERIOD. Although they may not have come to the same beliefs that I have about Jesus, they are humans and they are LOVED by God regardless of their theological conclusions. It is my job to show them and proclaim to them the love of God and I don’t love them more or less or differently because they are or are not “believers” in my mind. I realize that my friend here isn’t saying “piss on un-believers” but what he is saying without doing so intentionally is that there is a difference between us and them. That BS IDEA has to be crushed. It has to come to an end. I have to suppress the desire to label “evangelical Republican Christians” and “Religious idiots” and we all have to do whatever we can to love and leave the doors open for all.

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