How do we love?

John Piper says… be a Christian hedonist. Victoria Olsteen says the same in different syntax. Platt says God hates people, Driscoll has his (God hates) story… and I’m wondering “How do we love?”

I was compelled to pray for Driscoll a few weeks ago. I had real compassion for him. Yesterday when I learned that Platt was the new President of the IMB… I got sick on my stomach.

How do we love one another even when we believe that some teaching is quite literally anti-Christ?

God help me to love, help me to listen, help me to see You in everyone.

By the way, I recently saw some fussing about Victoria Olsteen’s thoughts… when I listened I immediately thought about Piper’s Christian hedonism. Reminds me of taking MacArthur quotes and attributing them the Rob Bell. The evangelicals all hated the quotes, until they realized that they didn’t really come from Bell. Association bias.

God teach me to love everyone, like You!