Fire, bee attack, or cancer and how they all need destroying!

A blogger named morganguyton just commented on one of my blog entries below. I haven’t read much of his stuff, but I think I am going to enjoy reading more later when I can. Check him out….

Morgan… I didn’t have time right now to read a complete article from your blog, but after two paragraphs I can tell I’m going to like you and your writing. I’m excited to read more asap.

I personally love understanding God’s wrath like a mother in the backyard shoving her child to the ground and slapping at him over and over… from a distance it sure looks like hatred because she seems to be beating the child, but as you run closer to rescue the child from the crazy mother you realize that she has just about beat the fire completely out. Thank God for his wrath poured out on our sin, and yes we may be a bit sore after the trials, but thank God the fire has been put out.

The illustration works pretty much the same whether it is a child on fire or a child being attacked by bees.

I got stung by two animals the other day… I guess they were bees or giant evil ants but I didn’t know I had been stung at all until I got inside. Those stings were bad, and that’s so similar to sin… we don’t know it is hurting us until it is over.

A friend of mine, Wayne Jacobsen (in He Loves Me) describes God’s wrath as chemotherapy destroying cancer in a person’s life. I personally love that understanding of God’s wrath too. We hate the cancer, so we give our body something very dangerous to destroy the cancer… all the while we pray that the chemotherapy doesn’t kill the loved one before killing the cancer. Since you and I can’t stand in God’s wrath for even a second, Jesus took all of our sin on Himself and He took the chemotherapy or wrath of God on Himself so that you and I could be cancer (or sin) free.