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For Christians – as always – the GOSPEL AND JESUS are the lens through which we read the Israelite stories.

If you find the Israelite stories saying that God told them to do something that you can’t imagine Jesus doing, something that is clearly and obviously inhumane… You can bet your life that God didn’t tell them to do it. God is like Jesus, God has never changed, God has always been Jesus and He will always be like Jesus… this is the GOOD NEWS!

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There are three ways to reply to this chapter (1) Enns is a liberal who doesn’t believe the bible and therefore can’t possibly have any faith at all … (2) The Canaanite genocides didn’t align with Jesus’ revelation of God anyway so maybe it is a good thing that this never happened… (3) Interesting…. I’ll think this through for a while…. As I’m sure you already know since I’ve been screaming it for years…. I’m in camp #2

that’s as clear to me as can be…. it doesn’t align with the God revealed by Jesus!

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Canaanites were certainly not the worst sinners ever… this is obviously not good reasoning for the Canaanite massacre. I think the story of Abraham and Isaac wasn’t God testing Abraham, but rather God teaching Abraham that He never desires sacrifice…