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Things We Do For Love Night

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It is 2014 and I’m at the aplacetotalk office, but essentially as a volunteer! This has been a long, long dream of mine – independent wealth and minister as a volunteer. Whoa, wake up Josh! Ok, truth is I’m not independently wealthy but rather I’m starting a new job on Monday and I can’t wait. I’ll be a commercial printing / marketing / advertising consultant for Hickory Printing Solutions. This job seems to be a culmination of a good portion of my training and life. I’ve studied theology, advertising and graphic design, and psychology so hopefully I’ll be able to put all of those years of training and preparing together to serve HPS and the many businesses that I get to touch.

What will change at aplacetotalk?

I’m praying that people won’t notice a big change. If you stop by the church during the day, I probably won’t be there but Sundays, Wednesdays, and the weekly podcast (I’m hoping) should look similar.

We should be able send more food to Haiti, package more shoe boxes, and serve more people in need. I’m also hoping to have more resources to bring in special guests on Sundays… stay tuned.