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aplacetotalk isn’t your typical Sunday morning club. Our light show is non-existent, our entertainment factor is low, we don’t do a whole lot of segregated church with separated youth, children, senior adults, etc. In fact sometimes we change things up a bit just to play kickball together. Kids, adults, teens, seniors? YES, anyone who wants play kickball plan to come out!  If you don’t think kickball is for you, bring a chair – I’m sure we will be entertaining.

Yes you heard me right, on June 30th, 2013 our primary goal is to worship Jesus Christ through PLAYING TOGETHER.

I’ve learned so much from Grandmaw and Paw’s house. See I learned a good while ago that my Grandmother would rather have the kids, grand-kids, and great-grand-kids together on the holidays than any gift you could give her. Well, I’ve come to believe that God is like my Grand-mother. He gets more joy out of watching His children play together and love one-another than He does from our acts of symbolic sacrifice. Now we love to worship through music and we’ll sing together Sunday June 30th, but after a bit of music and a short chat we’ll be playing together at a local park (still to be determined) or up the hill at the Brookford Community Center.

Will this be an evangelistic event? Well no, but maybe. Let me explain a bit… if you want to invite friends to hang out with us on June 30th because you think they would have fun and you would have fun with them, then be sure to invite them. However, if you want to invite a friend because you think this will be an event where someone will try and convince them to believe or say something – then no this isn’t your type of evangelistic event.

Will we learn something about God on June 30th? Well maybe the short chat will teach you something, but on June 30th I’m hoping you learn something about the other people of aplacetotalk. Maybe we will learn who can kick the hardest, or maybe we’ll learn who can make a child laugh the loudest. Either way, I’m betting that God is honored and in getting to know one another and laughing together we can become just a little bit more who God wants us to be.

Also don’t forget that we’ll be having one service after a 9AM breakfast. Hope to see you then.

By the way I’m not washing feet! Just a simple illustration that involves a few bare feet. I’m praying that this illustration sticks with us for a long time and is as powerful as I imagine it being.


This Sunday we’ll be looking at the three occurrences of justified in the book of Galatians. I can’t wait to share and talk with you, this study has been so much fun and I’m looking forward to what we will see this weekend.