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Join us for a great discussion about sin, and my old brain patterns versus the New Creation in Christ Jesus. These two podcasts may be great for you to listen to and think about before this Sunday’s chat. If you don’t get to listen, don’t worry we’ll discuss it all but if you can listen to these podcasts first… Podcast #19 of 2013 – Unrepentant Sin and Podcast #20 of 2013 – Dead to Sin with Jeff Barbieri

Bill Carrier will be leading a conversation about

    “Barnabas and what he brought to the Early Church.”

I hope you can be there and participate. Bill is one of those guys I trust completely. I don’t know what he’s going to tell you about Barnabas, but I trust that it will help you, encourage you, and leave you wanting more. Show Bill my love this weekend. By the way, the picture of Bill includes his wife Lisa – no one wants to see a picture of Bill alone. LOL

I’ll (Joshua M McDowell) be on the road with Adam’s basketball team this weekend. We’ll be playing twice on Saturday and 3 times on Sunday. I’ve been telling you guys for years that sometimes you should miss church to do things you believed in, and finally this weekend I’ve decided to take my own advice. Now don’t misunderstand me, I do love basketball but I don’t believe in basketball enough to be away from my friends at aplacetotalk this weekend. Rather I believe in these basketball players enough to take them away for a great weekend of basketball, swimming, and fun. Who knows maybe I’ll be a positive role model somehow over the weekend? Maybe you should all pray for me, I’m not always the best at being a role model. 😉

This year on Mother’s Day will be looking at 5 things that Mother’s want most and how they can have those 5 things! If you like to read over the notes for Sunday ahead of time, here are the notes. You may struggle to make the connection, but that’s ok we’ll make the connection on Sunday.

Also, I’ll add another link here later where I put my notes page with scribbles all over it.

One more note… we’ll have our regular schedule this Sunday.

Early worship at 9am,

breakfast at 10:10,

and a repeat

worship hour at 10:45am.

This week, we’ll pause our study of the transliterated word for Justice (DIKAIOO) and we’ll take a look at the transliterated word for saved (SOZO).

Here is a link to everywhere SOZO shows up in the New Testament.

Later I’ll add the same PDF with some of my notes for you to look over.

Here are my notes for you to review… look over the word on your own first though.

Oh yeah, here’s an idea of what this word meant in the original.

We’ll here are Sunday’s PowerPoint Slides, should be a fun chat – keep in mind Sunday’s notes include review from previous weeks and sometimes a random thought or two that is simply follow-up from previous chats. Enjoy.