aplacetotalk isn’t flashy, we aren’t big, and we certainly aren’t putting on a great show that the world will want to come and see every week. We don’t have the greatest preaching and our music is sweet and real but it certainly never a performance. Simply put, we aren’t really the best at anything we’re trying to do but we do love and care about one another. aplacetotalk really is about relationships. Jesus Christ has invited us into the relationship He has shared with His Father for all eternity and He has and is asking us to invite you and others in too.

We don’t really know exactly every detail of what we believe, because we are learning more and more about Christ and where He is leading us every week. Truth is we don’t all agree about every theological detail. We aren’t a group that requires strict adherence to long list of theological rules. We believe that we learn from one and another. We believe that our differences and our joy and love for one another in-spite of those difference is what makes us best.

You might be bothered by our freedom or our openness, but don’t judge us simply because we are out growing your creeds.

We still make Jesus Christ the focus of our worship, our conversations, and our vision. That will never change.

We are trying hard to get to know one another better, if you would like to learn about one another you should start by sharing a bit about your heart. Here’s a simple page of questions that will help us get to know one another.