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I enjoy special Sundays, but I really love our regular schedule. I love having two services, because of the way it encourages healthier discussion. With two separate hours we have two different small groups and each group has a slightly different personality. Instead of having 6-8 people who want to say or ask something in a one hour service there are 3-5 people in each hour who want to say or ask something. By having two separate smaller groups we get to get more personal and intimate in each hour.

Anyway, I just wanted to remind you that we are back to the regular schedule for the three Sundays, September 23rd, 30th, and October 7th.

So our regular schedule is 9am early worship, 10:15 breakfast, and 10:45 a second service. The 10:45 is a repeat of the same topic from the 9am hour, but with a different group of talkers.

Sunday October 14th, 2012 we will have church in a cave. Our schedule that day will be 9am at aplacetotalk. At 9am we’ll talk about history of Peter Waldo and the faith of those who followed his theology. Then at 10am we’ll leave for the cave, once inside we sing and remember the martyrs who were killed for having a secret worship service in Italy. The cave we will worship in is a replica of the original cave in Italy.

A little friendly basketball among friends..

We’ll be playing at 7:00pm sharp, don’t be late because we only have the gym for an hour. I look forward to seeing you then.

If you usually worship in the 9am hour, don’t forget that our one service will be a bit later and 10am this Sunday. But come on and bring some breakfast dish to share at 9am.

If you you usually worship at 10:45, don’t forget that our service will be 45 minutes earlier this Sunday at 10am! But you should come at 9am with a breakfast dish to share as well. Breakfast should be fun, and then we’ll have the one joint worship hour afterward at 10:00am!

We’re shooting to be done by 11am and we’ll be discussing Genesis and Exodus… should be fun.

We had a great time of Julian Price Park, the fellowship was beautiful and the weather was perfect. Thank you Bill McGregor and Kelvin Gregory for planning a great trip!

Here are a few pics, for more visit us on Facebook! Here’s a link to the aplacetotalk facebook page.

This was a great day for the kids

Ready to Relax

Check out the Amazing Connie! Peter, could you do that?