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Raborn Johnson and I will be discussing non-violence on Sunday August 26th, 2012. During the 9:00AM service we’ll basically be doing something we never do at aplacetotalk… Raborn and I will be talking and not pausing for questions and comments. We’ll be recording that conversation as a podcast. Again, the first hour will be focused on the idea of non-violence. I’ve personally been moving toward a non-violent view of God for years, and I’m just starting to talk about it as a personal belief that actually impacts my life. So I’ll be asking Raborn many of the questions I get all the time. Like… “Josh, what would you do if someone breaks into your house and tries to rape or kill your wife?” My usual answer is… first of all I pray that never happens and second of all, I’ll defend her without attempting to kill the person. I’m curious as to how Ray will answer that question.

By 10:00 or 10:15 we’ll end that talk and eat breakfast together.

At 11:45 we’ll gather back in the worship area for all the talking, Questions, and answers we can handle. This second hour should be a ton of fun. While we may be focused on non-violence, you can ask anything and we’ll see how the conversation goes.

I hope to see you there!

Some friends of mine from California are shooting a new movie. I think you’ll love it. Check it out, pass the preview along, (PLEASE SHARE THIS LINK IF YOU LIKE THE PREVIEW) and if you love it… donate a few bucks toward helping them finish the project.

We’ll be making Gingerbread houses in both services Sunday.  You don’t want to miss this illustration.  This should be a special day.  This Sunday, August 5th, 2012.