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The 3rd Wednesday night of each month at aplacetotalk is meal night. We eat together and laugh with no agenda. I hope you can join us. We usually start eating around 6:00, but come when you can… and bring anything to share. If you don’t have anything to bring, come on anyway… I’m sure we’ll have plenty.

During this series we will be talking about reading the Bible through the lens, of our understanding of Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus isn’t just like God, but He is God. The exact representation of God on earth. If this is true, then I along with all those scribes and pharisees who crucified Jesus must have read the Old Testament wrong. See the God that I thought I was reading about in the Old Testament, seems very different from the Jesus I read about in the gospels, but the Bible tells me that they are the same… if they are the same, then I am going to have to use my understanding of Jesus (I can do that because He now dwells in me) to re-read the Bible. As I read the Bible through the lens of Jesus… I think I’ll see a very different book.