Last year around this time I heard that the schools (schools supported by New Vision Ministries) in Haiti had used up all the food that was shipped from Hickory and the Christ Commission Church.  I hated the thoughts of that and I really wanted to figure out some way to get food to them again.  I love to eat, but I’m not a naturally sympathetic guy when others are hungry, so a desire to get food to others had to be God.  Even when I waited tables back in the day, I wanted the food that I was delivering to others.  Anyway,  I talked to the Wednesday night group at aplacetotalk and I asked them if they would allow me to spend the missions money that we had and try and make it an investment that would leverage enough funds to get 100,000 meals to Haiti.  That night the idea of 100K meals 4 HAITI got its start.  We invested in the advertising and work that it took to gather the volunteers to package the food, there was over 1400 hours of volunteer work to make this project happen.

On November the 1st – 5th, over 500 volunteers from at least 30 churches gathered in the Wal-Mart Hickory parking lot to package 100,000+ meals.  The volunteerism was amazing.  I was so happy to have so much help each night, the weather was great and many denominations were represented as people from everywhere in Catawba and Gaston counties came out to help us package food.

Each night we would finish ahead of time with the packaging, but when our accounting team would count the money we would discover that we had collected funds for much less than the amount of food we had packaged.  (People were asked to package as much as they could and to donate all they wanted.  Many people gave, but in the current economy we seem to have more volunteer labor than volunteer money.)  This would concern us each night, but we would continue to package more, and more food.  We purchased the bus on faith and loaded the food on the bus hoping the needed funds would eventually come in.

As the week wound down we realized that enough money had come in to paid for the food only, and not the shipping.  Since the labor had come in rapidly and willingly… we were blessed with a bus, and 100,000+ meals but no remaining resources to get the bus and food from here to HAITI.  The project looked great, but it had one major problem… good appearance, but no usefulness if it couldn’t get across the ocean to the hungry Haitians.

As I worried about everything and prayed, I began to trust that God had a plan but we just didn’t understand it all yet.  My concerns were relieved and I was confident that God had a plan for getting the food to Haiti in His timing, His timing rarely matches mine.  So over the next 7 months I responded with confidence in something totally unseen every time someone would ask “How are you going to get that bus to Haiti?”  I would explain that God has a plan, I just don’t know it yet.  Some would ask, “Are you worried that it will spoil?”  I would explain that it was supposed to be good until 11/2013 and that I really did believe God had a plan.

Time after time someone would call or contact me with a way to get the bus to Haiti, and time after time that avenue would fall through.  Every time was something different and every time I was protected by God from disappointment because He had revealed to me that He had a plan.  So we waited.  I know it was embarrassing to some aplacetotalk’ers  when someone would ask, “Why is that bus still sitting in your parking lot?”  But we would all have to explain that God has a plan, He just hasn’t revealed it to us yet.

Well after 8 months and 6 days, I believe we have some more clarity about God’s plan.  Let me share how…

At the Danny Ramsey and Harvey Williams Memorial Poker Run a few weeks ago a friend of Danny’s and aplacetotalk became passionate about helping to get the bus moved to Haiti.  He wrote the Hickory Daily Record and a writer at the HDR decided to do a story about the bus.  He called me and we talked over the phone.  He then wrote a nice article and it went to press for Saturday’s paper.  This morning I received another call, this time from an old friend who read the HDR this weekend.  He wanted to know how to write a check and where to mail the $5000 needed to get the bus to HAITI!

I’ve not mentioned any names in this article, because the individuals who had a part wouldn’t want the glory, I think they would all agree that

God gets and deserves all the glory!