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Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is a 13 week course, we start the 13 weeks tonight at 4PM.

The first session is free, Tonight at 4. If you want to take the remaining 12 weeks the materials are $100 per household. Husband, wife, and teenage children will all benefit from the course.

There will be ZERO pressure to take the remaining 12 weeks, and week one isn’t a fluff session – in fact week one is vitally important to your financial future. If you have no intentions of continuing the following 12 weeks, it is still way worth your time to participate in week one.

What is the gospel?

A good “pastor” in the area linked this video on his facebook page today and I liked it… I’m curious as to what most think when they see it.

Feel free to share you thoughts below, positive or negative.

EDITED 2.17.2011 – I just thought I ought to point out… that I feel “monergism” is way too closely related to “calvinism” for me to agree with this concept – also while I really liked this video clip by Tim Keller…. after looking up Tim Keller – I am surprised that anyone would give a theological concept like “monergism” or any theological concept for that matter such a prominent place in his or her life. (Tim Keller’s website is I wouldn’t give “calvinism,” “monergism,” or even “arminianism” such authority over my personal belief system and relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s one thing that I have certainly learned in my walk with Jesus. I can’t put God in a box or a man-made concept.

Just a reminder…. We’ll be have a lunch after the service. You don’t need to bring anything and all donations go to the Haiti mission trip.

I agree with Jay…