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I noticed today that some of our I’m Sorry billboards are still up, if you are wondering – what are they sorry for? Here’s a picture of our favorite tee-shirt to let you know.

Click here for more information, enter your zip code and then scroll down until you find aplacetotalk… you can click there for a more detailed schedule.

On February 6th we will have a free preview at 10:15AM during breakfast, and then our classes will begin on February 20th with a free session. The class will meet for 13 weeks and participation for the remaining 12 weeks costs $100. aplacetotalk doesn’t keep one dime of that money, Financial Peace University has a $100 curriculum charge and the class cannot be taken without that charge. If you are a FPU graduate you will need to bring your study guide (the hard back book with where you took notes for each session) this book will grant you free admission for the entire 13 weeks as an FPU graduate.

What a beautiful day!

Isn’t it good that the snow held off until Monday. Here is a pic of my tracks into the office today. Oh, how fun an empty parking lot is on snow days!

I enjoyed talking to all of you yesterday at aplacetotalk. It is good to know that we can pursue sanctification and righteousness without becoming religious rule-keeping fanatics. Jesus YES, religion Not necessary. Maybe that is the theme of Hebrews – or I like this… JESUS is BETTER than religion!

This coming Sunday we will be discussing a topic that may be as important as any in the life of aplacetotalk and those associated with aplacetotalk.

Also, don’t forget if you want to read through the Bible in one year – I’ve started a blog where you can chat a bit about each day’s reading. I’d love to hear what you are thinking after reading from the One-Year Bible. A One Year Bible can be purchased here.

Our One Year Bible blog is located here.