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Welcome to!

2011 is almost here! Our first gathering in 2011 will be Sunday, January 2nd. We will meet as usual at 9am and 10:30 and during both hours we will be discussing the idea of vision. Is vision important to followers of Christ? Is vision important to people in general? What should you and I do to develop vision? I’m not talking about the vision of a new program, building, class at church… I’m talking about personal vision for the lives of individuals and families.


All services are canceled tomorrow, see you next weekend. If you need anything call Josh @ 828-238-2682

Merry Christmas everyone.

Well you can check back here if the whether gets bad over the weekend, but we are planning to have a great time of worship and conversation this Sunday morning. We will be looking at the beginning of Hebrews 12 and discussing the topic

Have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you Sunday!

We will be relaxed and just hanging out – WITH GREAT FOOD! Is there a better meal than BRUNCH? If you are bringing food try and arrive around 9:30 – 9:45, we will pray and start the feast @ 10AM. Some might call our time together tomorrow a “Love Feast,” and I certainly love the idea of spending some time with friends and friends of friends and feasting! See ya soon!

With the Love of Christ,