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If you received a postcard in the mail today like I did, welcome.  I’m glad you took time to click on the website and see what aplacetotalk is all about.  If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

If you are from another church and would like to participate with us in shipping 100K meals to Haiti, great – just shoot me an email at and we’ll chat about how you can get involved.  There are some more details here if you will click the link down a little and to the left.  It says 100k meals for Haiti.  Right below it is a poster you can print out and use to spread the word.  I can also make a poster with your church’s name at the bottom for you to use as a sign-up list… just let me know and I’ll gladly send it your way.

If you are simply looking for a church or a safe place to consider the message of Jesus Christ, come see us anytime.

and I am so happy to be doing so!

First Christian Church of Newton – they decided in a church meeting this morning to be a part of the 100K meals 4 HAITI!

I also word recently that Piedmont Vending is planning to be a part!

I couldn’t be more excited about the community coming together!  If you know of a church, business, civic organization, or even a Sunday School Class / Home who wants to be a part of this event – shoot me an email at and I will tell you about how to get some information or a beautiful information pamphlet that give some details!

Just this weekend I remembered that one of our earliest partners was Hickory Christian Academy… their Beta Club and student government are both planning to participate by donating and packaging food!

This morning I got a call telling me that there is a Sunday School class from another local church planning to package one night.

Then I got an email telling me that Elite Properties is organizing a team and they have already made a donation to pay for some food.  The Elite Properties team sells an amazing amount of Real Estate, in fact they sold a house for my family about a year or so ago right in the midst of the worse economic downturn I remember in my lifetime.  So if they could sell a house in 2009, I’m sure they can still sell your house today!

I got another email telling me that Body Dimensions is going to sponsor the event as well.  I am amazed… b/c I haven’t had the time I thought I would to contact churches and civic groups… but maybe the word is getting out anyway!  Hopefully it will continue to get out there!

Thanks again to everyone getting involved!

We started with Christ Commission Church’s vision nearly a year ago and they have agreed to continue to sponsor this event, the Victor Gray Ministries agreed to help, later we added the support of Kids Against Hunger, Its My Party Rental Co. and Image Printing.  Next AXIS church, Eastside Baptist, and Libby Hill Seafood agreed to help.

Today I am announcing two new partners!  Atlanta Bread Company and Serving Him Ministries / Radio are now on board!

Do you know of someone else who may be interested in helping!  We need churches, Sunday School classes, home groups, and civic organization who will come out and donate their time and resources!  If 12 people will donate one hour of service and $25 each they can easily package 1200 meals!  That’s a great help to the goal of 100k meals, and remember we will give each person who helps us with 100 meals a tee-shirt to help you remember this great event!

Can’t wait to see you on November 1-5, 2010!  If you want to reserve a packaging line for you and your group… shoot me an email @ or complete the form on-line!

To see more details about this event visit the link below and to your left… the following picture should help you find the link!