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This Sunday (August 1st, 2010) we will be talking about church discipline…

What do you think when you hear “Church Discipline?”

Do you think there should ever be a situation where a Christian is asked to leave the church?

Do you know of any situations where a person was asked to leave a church?

Here is an interesting article I just stumbled upon about church discipline… what do you think about it?

I know, I too hate the sound of church and government. It sounds like politics and miserable meetings. But I think tomorrow’s conversation will be important, valuable, and maybe even exciting as we get a better vision of our future.

We will discuss and understand hierarchical, federal, elder, congregational, and hybrid church systems. We won’t make a final decision tomorrow about our future, but we will certainly discuss it.

Can’t wait to see you.

Sorry, but it sounds like P.R.O.O.F. has either broken up or broken down, either way I have been informed that they are canceling this Friday’s concert. HOWEVER WE AREN’T CANCELING… Crossing Tiberias will be playing in place of proof. Check out their my space by clicking here.

With the concert coming up… that will include some secular covers (By All Splendor Aside) before the Christian Band Crossing Tiberias plays, I thought about an old song that kinda introduced the idea of Contemporary Christian Music or Christian Rock music. Here is an oldie… I let you decide if it is a goodie or not, LOL.

Don’t miss our next family movie night… we will be watching the TOOTHFAIRY!

The movie is will be 7pm – we will be registering everyone to win a copy of the dvd!

Here is a quick preview of the movie: