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Breakfast Every Sunday @ 9:30am, Service @ 10:30am

NEW PHONE # 828.455.0795


Journey is Celebrated. 

Priesthood is Practiced.

Jesus is the exact revelation of God. You were made for worship.  

We want you to talk in church, if you are comfortable, because we believe you have something to share.

We celebrate spiritual journeys together. Your journey is important to the world.

Sounds weird, we know... but the simple truth is, you are specially gifted to help others. 


Talk in church.


Follow Jesus.


Celebrate Life.


Share Life.


Christ is Exalted.


Talking is Normal.

aplacetotalk wants to be a generous, affirming community of serious searchers,

skeptics, thinkers, talkers, doubters, and doers in a relentless pursuit of LOVE.


aplacetotalk, church, is a continually evolving and intentionally vulnerable community of friends who are attempting to be compassionate, generous, inviting and self-sacrificing.
We share meals often because we believe that something magical happens when we eat together.
We discuss and even debate productively regardless of our ethnicity, social status, gender identity / orientation, political affiliation, and religious presuppositions.
We try to tear down walls and expand our table to include others (maybe you).
We attempt to be led by the ethics and principles of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

             You can help us create a place where:

Christ is Exalted, 

Talking is Normal, 

Every Journey is Celebrated, 

and Priesthood is Practiced. 

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