Since Jesus never used the word hell…. why do Christians who never speak of Dante’s hell take so much heat from more conservative angry Christians?

Here’s an interesting article about what happens when we believe in a worship an angry God.

Marching Orders_TBTMS 2.3

I created this picture quite a while back… It makes me so sick to think about this. This picture is horrible… Remind me again how on earth a follower of Jesus could possibly read this and believe that it aligns with Jesus. Either one of two things have to be true…. (1) God is scary and Jesus’ isn’t God or (2) Jesus came to change our view of God and show us that He is really full of love and grace – not violence.

Obviously I don’t believe that it was God that ordered the genocides that this passage speaks of… but many, many people believe this. How do I justify not believing this… someone might ask…. well I don’t believe Jesus would sanction genocide and I believe that He, Jesus, came to show us what God is really like. Jesus didn’t come to save us from God, but rather Jesus came to reveal God to us as savior.

This chapter could have been called “What not to do after a drunken night!”

I love the bible, but we must stop using it to justify war.